AceMoney Lite
Reviewed Version:3.19
Reviewed by: Susane Shaw
9th February 2010

Finance management software


Manage your finance with Ace Money. Simple for personal finance yet powerful to handle small business finance.

Full Review:

The application on its first run, asks to choose language. There are lots of languages supported by the software. Next it asks for default currency settings. It has many different country currencies to choose from. You can choose decimal digits, decimal point and thousands separator [Fig 1]. After that there are date settings to choose from. You can select the format of date to be shown.

This is very comprehensive software and covers all your financial aspects including bank accounts, cash flow, payments and investments.

There are various screens:

  1. Accounts: You can create an account and attach it to a bank or you can make it a cash, credit, loan or investment account [Fig 2].
  2. Banks: There are many banks included in the software but you can also create one and assign various values like Bank number, Routing code, Transfer code etc.
  3. Payees: You can enter a payee and its detail. This information will be used when you make a payment [Fig 3]
  4. Categories: There are various categories for expenditure ranging from Bills, wages, insurance etc. You can also add a category.
  5. Schedule: Here you enter the details about your recurring expense and there is option to automatically add into expense [Fig 4]
  6. Reports: Here you can view various reports related to expense category, payment, budget etc. You can apply filters also [Fig 5]
  7. Portfolio: On this screen you can enter details about your investment. You can enter transactions related to shares, dividends, buy, sell etc.

There is also search functionality to find a transaction.

There are loan, saving, mortgage calculators under Tools. You can also see the exchange rates.

You can import files in qif, wqfx, qfc, ofx , ace money and Microsoft money formats. You can export data in txt, html and csv formats. There is also functionality to backup and restore the data.

Conclusion:  I am very impressed with the software. I might not need all the features to manage my finances but what is to complain when the software is free.

User Interface:

Value for Money:
rating: 5 star
Ease of Use:


Photo of AceMoney Lite -  - 1
Figure 1
Photo of AceMoney Lite -  - 2
Figure 2
Photo of AceMoney Lite -  - 3
Figure 3
Photo of AceMoney Lite -  - 4
Figure 4
Photo of AceMoney Lite -  - 5
Figure 5

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