PCB Manufacturing Software

When building prototype printed circuit boards as a hobbyist, one might wonder what is the best PCB software to use. Well, luckily, PCB Designers have a lot of options when it comes to the software that they use when laying out their board design. I listed three of the best (IMO) below. Keep in mind that there are other "Free" solutions out there, however, they usually are tied to a specific PCB manufacturer. Now, there are a couple of reasons why that isn't a good thing. Sometimes PCB manufacturers provide this "free" software in order to make sure you have to use them for all of your PCB manufacturing. Meaning, they provide you with files that only they can read and buidl your boards with. They can control the pricing and it limits your options in general. The software below allows you to export your data to Gerbers, the industry standard format for 99% of PCB manufacturers. This gives you the opportunity to choose another PCB supplier if you choose to. I personally would avoid using free software from any manufacturer unless you are confident that they are going to give you the best deal (for ever).

High-quality printed circuit board PCB design software.

CadSoft's Eagle PCB - CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software combines a schematic editor, layout editor and autorouter to make designing printed circuit boards easy.

DipTrace - Professional Schematic Capture and PCB Design Software.

Mentor PCB design - Mentor Graphics, the global leader in PCB Design Software and PCB Tools, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that improve design and accelerate development time.

After laying out your circuit board

What happens after you are done laying out your PCB? Well, you need to find a quality PCB fabrication house to build your bare board. There are various types of PCBs, for example, (rigid, rigid-flex, and flex). After getting your bare board built, you need to find an assembly shop to put the various components that your board needs. You can find a shop that does both, or you can have your bare board shop mail the completed boards directly to the PCB assembly shop. There are also Turnkey PCB manufacturing houses that can do it all. They usually require higher quantities, but it various from place to place. Check out the various professional shops below:

PCB Fabrication

Custom Circuit Boards - PCB Manufacturer that can provide, prototype PCBs, quick turn PCBs, multilayer boards, and is located in the USA.

GEI Circuits - Graphic Electronics has been supplying Printed Circuit Boards for the Electronics and Aerospace industry since 1971.

Email us if you have other PCB fabrication shop examples!

Flex Circuit Manufacturers

FlexPCB.com - Flex circuit manufacturing specializing in rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible circuit quick turns.

Flex Technology, Inc. - Flex Technology, Inc. provides flexible printed circuit board manufacturing and reasonable prices.

Feel free to suggest other flex circuit shops!

PCB Design

Pix Electronix - Professional PCB Design services. USA Printed Circuit Board engineering design services.

Cir Logic - Provides low cost printed circuit board design with quality customer service.

PCB Assembly Shops

QuickPCBAssembly.com - Quick Turn PCB assmebly services in Phoenix, AZ. Good capabilities and very competitive prices.

Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Shops

Futronix Inc. - Turnkey Production, help with circuit Design, Assembly, Fabrication and the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's).

Email me your Turn Key printed circuit board manufacturer suggestions. Thanks!

PCB Examples

bare board fabrication PCB design software Pritned Circuit Boards PCB Fabrication

http://pcbmanufacturerlist.com/: Another PCB manufacturer list that we found. Check it out.

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