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8th March 2009
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Supported Platform: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP

System Requirements: over 500MHz and more than 32 MB RAM recommended

Change Info: Built-in registration window

Software Description: Surfmemo is a screenshot manager. It can serve e.g. as a surfer's memo to save online time.
After pressing the key "PRINT SCREEN" a screenshot in BMP-format can be found on the clipboard.
Pressing "ALT" and "PRINT SCREEN" results in the screenshot of only the window that has the focus.
When the program is activated the screenshot is automatically saved in JPEG-format in the selected folder.
You have control over the working folder, the compression rate, the automatic naming (e.g. image0001.jpg to image9999.jpg) and this way over the maximal number of screenshots in a session. Careful: pictures with the same name in the same folder are overwritten.
You can use the window for selecting the working folder as a picture viewer as well. The pictures are ordered alphabetically and at the same time chronologically.
Special care has been taken to check the response time of the program.
After activating the program it is minimised and indicated in the taskbar. Whenever a screenshot is saved you see a color change of its icon and you can hear a beep - if selected.
The program is functioning for a limited number of trials. Thereafter you need the registration code.

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