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12th October 2007
Minor Update
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Supported Platform: Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003

System Requirements: 5MB disk space; 64MB RAM; 32-bit Windows

Change Info: manual pdf updated

Software Description: The SlimLogger Utility allows you to capture and count TCP/IP network traffic in real-time.
SlimLogger counts by hostname when possible (for http traffic), and otherwise by ip number.
SecureLinks is configurable using any text editor (such as Notepad), and saves all counts to an
XML database. It uses translation technology (*.xsl files) to report on the XML database,
providing output in HTML or TXT format.
The reports are maintained in real time (by default, every 30 seconds). These reports may be
made public by mapping a virtual path to their containing folder. For example,
could point to c:AppsDataSlimLoggerGeneratedReports and then the reports would be
viewable over the web. Access can be restricted in various ways. Although the SlimLogger installation program has a graphical user interface, SlimLogger itself
does not. SlimLogger runs as an invisible service. It has a web-based console which runs on
port 8887 and enables the administrator to perform certain simple functions such as selecting
a network card to monitor, and viewing certain settings for troubleshooting purposes.
However, most functions are best handled by using Windows Explorer and accessing the
appropriate file on the server, e.g. double-clicking SlimLogger-stop.bat to stop the service.

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