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RSVP Premium
29th September 2009
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Supported Platform: Unix, Linux

System Requirements: PHP5, MySQL, Linux, Apache

Software Description: RSVP means Répondez S'il Vous PlaÎt (reply, if you please). The RSVP script is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. The RSVP script administration section lets you edit, remove, or create new forms like text fields and radios choices. The administrator can make any field as required, so the most important questions are forced to be answered. The font of the text can be easily changed as well as the backgrounds for the administrator and front page. The information can be easily downloaded to Microsoft Excel in CVS format and saved into your computer. The best reason to purchase this RSVP script is because it provides you an easy way for creating your own RSVP form. You can easily add new fields. So why purchase an RSVP script that is too difficult to modify when you can purchase this one and add the questions and fields that you want. Use this RSVP script for events, weddings, parties, and more. Very easy to installed.

Why purchase an RSVP script that is too difficult to modify when you can get this one which supports great features such as editing, removing, or adding new fields, question, and radios. All RSVP can be downloaded into Excel. This same script is already being used in weddings, parties, and special occasions.

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