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9th December 2008
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Supported Platform: Handheld/Mobile Other,Java,Other

System Requirements: MIDP-2.0, colors

Change Info: bug fix and minor changes

Software Description: Bundled programs:

ampelsurium - a programmable traffic light simulation. The demoversion limits one function and shows stamps.

Cubesimu - a simulation of Rubik's cube. During automatic scrambling the movements of the slices are indicated (switchable). Keep notes of them. The delaytime can be adjusted. Stop the scrambling after 20-30 movements.
Try to reassemble the cube by reversing the procedure manually - trains your brain. Success guaranteed when free of errors.
The demo version has a time limit for certain keys.

Messy - a picture puzzle for your own pictures. The demo version allows only a limited amount of movements.

Stop_it - a stopwatch. Range 1 second up to 99 hours. Use any key to start, continue or stop Key 0 resets. The counter continues even when the program is interrupted by a phone call. The demo version shows only up to 59 seconds days.

Waitasec - to check your response time
Check your response time: When the traffic light turns red press a key. The result is your response time in milliseconds. Calculates the distance in feet that you would drive during this time at a speed of 30 miles per hour.
The demo version does not show response times below 500 ms.

Totzeit - that is waitasec in German - shows meters at 50 kmh. The demo version does not show response times below 500 ms.

Required: MIDP 2.0 with color (excepting the stopwatch)

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