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Notebak Anti-Theft
3rd May 2011
Major Update
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Supported Platform: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP

System Requirements: .NET 3 or higher

Change Info: Added Digital Label - lost & found services

Software Description: One of the most popular anti-theft protection applications that is highly recommended by PC Magazine, Notebak Anti-Theft is used for safeguarding of private data and preventing theft of the computer itself. This application alerts you if someone was trying to break into your personal account; you can choose to immediately receive an SMS or an email message if your computer is under attack. If your laptop is left unattended for a mere second, it can be taken - hours of valuable work are being stolen from people on a daily basis - don't let it happen to you! Notebak will sound an alarm on an attempt to steal your laptop, similar to the anti-theft protection on your car.
You will get a webcam image of the computer thief by email, and be able to record sound from your computer's microphone if it goes missing!
Notebak Anti-Theft uses precise Wi-Fi GEO tracking locations technology to run a GEO Fence, which sets invisible boundaries around your computer. No one will be able to use your computer outside these boundaries - except for you, to retrieve or delete private files, all remotely!
Use Notebak Anti-Theft for sending remote requests to recover confidential data from a computer, solving the problem of lost work - recover your information in one piece, and then destroy it on the source, if you wish! You will have a personal online account for viewing reports, analyzing history, reviewing maps of the current location of your missing computer, and much, much more?
You can manage several computers at once while tracking and locating them all with precise Wi-Fi GEO technology on the same map - ideal for a family, and any size business. Safeguard your work, photographs and time by installing Notebak Anti-Theft on your laptop, today!
Digital Label is a loss protection and recovery technology. Digital Label gives people a unique chance to get back a lost computer, while protecting it from being tampered with.

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Posted by: Max
Posted on: 3rd May 2011

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