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MBS WinExpander
24th February 2006
Minor Update
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Supported Platform: WinXP

System Requirements: Windows XP (Home oder Professional)

Change Info: Bugfixes, Updatefunktion

Software Description: All-rounder for Win XP; makes professional-functions available (e.g. allocation of rights concerning NTFS), also in the Home-Edition. Even to secret functions, easy access becomes possible. MBS WinExpander makes optimal tuning possible in various fields. Apart from detailed informations concerning the system (hardware, processes, etcetera) MBS WinExpander makes available the whole range of functions from cosmetics of the user interface to delicate professional operations. Due to a homogenous and modern interface, the user gets access to all functions and is able to keep track concerning the system. With two systems for help, beginners in the field of system-tuning are supported ? useful hints protect the user from carrying out wrong settings and warn before dangerous actions. Besided in-depth informations concerning processes and the installed hardware, the software gives informations about internal data of the operating system, which partially can be changed (e.g. the registration of the product which can be fake). Installed hotfixes and service packs can also be detected. Besides these and other informations, numerous operations concerning the system are possible. They comprise the cosmetics of the new user interface which has been introduced with Windows XP and which can be conformed to the user?s wishes. In addition to the access to internal configurations, the MBS WinExpander offers much in the fields of security and data protection; saved (personal) information can be removed and files can be destroyed thoroughly. The registration of users can be limited temporally, the execution of programs can be prohibited and the modification of single configurations can be prevented. The core of the operation system and the behaviour of the system, as well as the boot process can be optimised and accelerated. All options can separately and easily be configured. For the sake of safety, a system restore point is created during the installation of the system.

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