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2nd May 2011
New Release
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Supported Platform: Win98, WinXP

System Requirements: Epiri Professional, Epiri Droplight, 512 MB of RAM, Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Software Description: Droplight is a program which enables the deployment of repositories. Droplight is an innovational tool designed for users to form deployable download packages fast. Helps the deployment of Epiri files created by every computer user. Because of it?s simple, comprehensible, and easy to use structure, even users creating packages for the first time will not find it difficult. Everyone can form their own source and share it with other users by using Epiri Professional. If users want to share more than one source collectively, then the Droplight-Package Formation Program takes over the assignment.Droplight media, data, sound, formatting wrap celebi files and turn them into one installable package.Now files which are turned into Exe are ready to be deployed in one piece.In Epiri Professional program droplight packages are supplied through services and appropriate positioning is built by telling them where to go, therefore they are ready to function with Epiri Professional.Due to Droplight?s unique structure it provides a perfect layout and deployment flow which enables smooth source usage. Packages consisting of the same or more than one type data,media,sound,formatting and topic browser files are called colections. After download, the packaged collections can be opened and documents that are needed can be downloaded to the program from many others. In addition to this, Discoverygate transforms Eprx, Eprs, Eprm, Celebi, Eprsx files to exe. Eprx is a data file format prepared by Discoverygate.Eprs is a sound file format prepared by Wavegate.Eprm is a media file format prepared by Atlasgate. Celebi,topic browser files produced by Celebi, form external links, enable search.Eprsx, template files are prepared by software developers. In other words, it enables one or more of Eprx, Eprs, Eprm, Celebi, Eprsx files to be packaged, prepared and deployed as exe, also automatically installs files with Droplight click-run and enables them to run in Epiri Professional

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