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Bounce Metronome
10th September 2009
Major Update
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Supported Platform: WinXP,WinVista,Win7 x32,Windows2000,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005,Windows Media Center Edition 2005,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise

System Requirements: sound card

Change Info: Version 4.1 introduces New Metronomes for Polyrhythms like 4/4 over 4/3, Flamenco Clock, and Mixed Meters like 4/4 + 7/8. New Features include: Go Silent Briefly, Beat Boxing support, more Drum Rudiments, more features for Gradually Changing Tempo, Up & Down Arrow step through Tempi & Rhythms

Software Description: Easy to install and use. You can practice: all time signatures including odd, with any number of subdivision, polyrhythms, paradiddles etc, Flamenco rhythms, mixed meters, and more - nearly any rhythm you are likely to need. The bounce visuals are its special secret:

"...their rise and fall incorporates a 'gravity bounce' that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time..." Sound on Sound magazine, January 2010

Tempo features include unlimited range from minutes per beat to thousands of beats per minute. Quick adjust by one bpm or one notch at a time with arrow keys. Also fine adjust in fractional BPM. Or tap in time with music to set the tempo.

You can set a gradually changing tempo. Or use UP and DOWN to step through the tempo and time signature for each piece for your practice session. Or set it to go silent briefly and see if you are still in time when it resumes.


# Gravity Bounce Conductor, drum sticks and bouncing ball to mark the start of each beat crisply and in time with the sound.

# Silent metronome

# Conducting patterns, bounce inside ovals, and other bounce patterns to help you keep good time.

# Large tempo shortcut keys - Tap at tempo with Backspace, Return key to stop and start play, Arrow keys to adjust.

# Any tempo including fractions of a BPM.

# Tempo can change gradually

# Set up all the rhythms and tempo changes for an entire piece of music - then just click the play button to play them all one after another

# Any time signatures - that includes odd time signatures

# Beat subdivisions

# Set instrument sounds for any of the parts including individual beats

# Swing

# Syncopation and accent any beat or subdivision

# Drum rhythms

# Polyrhythms

# Mixed meters

# Harmonic metronomes

# Theremin's Rhythmicon

Many more features

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